The PC workout for that teenie weenie bikini

PC yogaWorried about bearing all your wobbly bits on the beach this summer? Well quick, we’ve still got time. Just because you’re stuck in the office all day doesn’t mean you can’t get the workout your body demands. Here at Softonic we like nothing better than crowding round a computer and burning our toxins to a spot of yoga. We’ve found these lovely ladies to work out with. They make you feel healthier just by watching them. And it’s funny – you know laughter’s one of the best ways of shedding calories?

We have everything you need to drop those pounds including a yoga kit, a personal iWorkout for the more physical among you, natural healing therapies if you prefer your exercise with nuts and oils and a fitness assistant to make sure every kilojoule is accounted for. Only problem is you might have to buy a new swimsuit. Yes you’re going to look that good, friend.

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