The perfect guide to playing Wartales: tips and tricks

War is hard and only the strong come out of it alive. As in Wartales

The perfect guide to playing Wartales: tips and tricks
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

If you don’t know what to play and you want a different, challenging open world. You may be interested in Wartales, since this indie videogame is pleasing everyone since its 1.0 version was released on April 12.


Wartales can be an unforgiving open-world RPG experience. Aside from the challenging combat at the beginning of the game, there is a lot to deal with before, during and after, such as maintaining troop morale, managing necessities and earning enough to keep your troops paid. That’s why a few tips and tricks don’t hurt.

This beginner’s guide to Wartales is meant to help you get through the early game and get into the nitty-gritty of this RPG, as well as point out some things that the game may not make clear at first.

Tips and tricks to start playing Wartales

Get a Class/Party Member with First Aid

One of our first Wartales tips and tricks deals with character customization. After answering a few questions on the new game screen, you’ll find yourself on the character customization screen.

One of the new options in Wartales is the ability to choose some of your starting party options, from weapon types to starting utility skills.

I recommend that you make sure that at least one of your party members has the first aid skill, if not two.

Take into account the current level limit when creating characters

Currently, level 9 is the level cap for creating characters. There are still plenty of options when it comes to character skill choice, with each of the base classes having three specializations to choose from, ensuring a range of tactical options for the battlefield.

Buy skills on the black market

Skills can also be purchased at the Black Market bandit camp once found, allowing you another way to give your troops an edge in battle or to teach non-starting troops skills such as first aid.

Save money with do-it-yourself and earn coins with quests

In the early game of Wartale getting money can be a bit tricky. You will have to keep your party paid, fed and equipped, which can get expensive quickly.

A good tip for conserving as many coins as you can is to save money only for the important things and craft as many of the goods you need yourself.

If you are in town, it is much more cost effective to heal your party at the town apothecary and have the blacksmith repair damaged armor than to use medicine and repair tools. It is better to save these items for emergencies on quests, to make sure you can return to the city safe and sound.

Instead of buying potions, make your own. You can do this after finding a town and learning the alchemist profession in the apothecary building. Kill beasts for their meat and hide, which your party’s blacksmith can use to forge your own weapons and armor in the town.

Earn coins by accepting quests from the village tavern board or by visiting the jail and buying shackles to capture bandits and collect their rewards.

Improve your camp

Part of Wartale’s progression involves upgrading your camp, the place where many of the management aspects take place. At the camp you feed, rest and pay your troops, as well as take care of various crafting items for the Cook, Boilermaker and Scholar professions.

The Cook and the Scholar need a pot and a lectern respectively for their profession, which are items built by the Tinsmith on the camp workbench.

The Tinsmith is the catalyst profession, as he builds items such as the Thief’s lock picks or the Fisherman’s hooks, but he also builds the camp amenities, such as the tent, which provides valuable upgrades to the troops sleeping in it, as well as upgrades to the saddlebags of the group’s ponies to increase their weight.

Although you can cook at the campfire, the food is not as nutritious as that prepared by the cook and does not provide as many upgrades, other than keeping the stomach full for another day.

The Scholar uses the lectern to study fragments of artifacts found in later areas of the game which then become trinket items. In the current version of Wartales, these items have no use and apart from selling for money.

We hope these Wartales tips and tricks will help you explore the war-torn countryside.


The game is still under development and subject to change, so this guide may change. Luckily, and for the time being, it will be useful for you to get out of the hostile world out there alive.

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