The PlayStation Classic lets you relive the PS1’s glory days

It appears that Sony’s next PlayStation console won’t be a PlayStation 5. Instead, Sony loyalists are being treated to the PlayStation Classic, a revamped version of the original PlayStation. Sony is planning to release the console to mark the 24th anniversary of the original release. Nostalgic gamers, rejoice: The PlayStation Classic will look just like the 1994-era console.

sony playstation classic console
Sony’s PlayStation Classic

Though it may look similar to its namesake, the console isn’t to scale. In fact, it’ll be about half the size of the PlayStation. This mini-console will be sold pre-loaded with 20 classic games, similar to Nintendo’s NES series of mini consoles. So far, five titles have been confirmed:

  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Jumping Flash
  • Ridge Racer Type 4
  • Tekken 3
  • Wild Arms

This list might not be the same for you, though. Games will vary by region to reflect Sony’s goal of including the most popular titles of the original PlayStation. Since the popularity of titles can vary depending on region, it stands to reason that each region’s list will be slightly different.

Sony has confirmed, however, that there are no plans to bring new post-launch content to the PlayStation Classic, meaning that those 20 titles will be the only ones you’ll be able to play. Sony has also confirmed that the Classic won’t be getting PSN or Trophy support, meaning that it’ll be an entirely standalone experience… or an authentic one, depending on your viewpoint.

The console has several other features that bring it into the modern era. These include a smartphone AC USB adaptor. According to a spokesperson, the PS Classic can be powered by any USB power source meeting a 5V/1.0A requirement. The Classic won’t be packaged with a USB adaptor… but any old iPhone charger will do the trick if you have one. Also included are HDMI ports that enable output to any HD TV, as well as an internal memory card.

PS Classic playstation
PlayStation Classic with in-box features

The console will be bundled with a pair of controllers, also styled to look like the classic 1994 controllers. Questions remain about exactly what else is going to be included with the PS Classic at launch, but Sony has been releasing a steady stream of information since the initial announcement that should clear up any lingering uncertainties.

Finally, there’s the price point. The PS Classic and all of the above features will be available for $99.99. The console will be released December 3, with pre-orders available on Sony’s official website.

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