The Red Dead Redemption fan kit

Red Dead Redemption fan kitA couple of years ago we were drooling over GTA IV, together with millions of gamers worldwide who also joined Niko Bellic in his adventures in Liberty City. Today we’re counting down the time again for another big Rockstar release: Red Dead Redemption, a new sandbox-style adventure set in the Wild West.

Red Dead Redemption is coming out today in the US and on May 21st in Europe and Australia – which means I still have three more days of painful waiting, That’s why I thought it would be nice to gather a complete fan kit that helps us get into the Western mood and have our revolvers and cowboy hats ready for the big day.

First of all, we should start with a nice pack of wallpapers, which you can download from the game’s official site. There are a few to choose from, featuring the main characters in the game, and they’re all available in a ton of different resolutions – from widescreen 2560×1600 to PSP, iPhone and Blackberry.

Red Dead Redemption fan kit

Other elements you can download from the official site are a collection of buddy icons and avatars, perfect to use in your favorite IM client or social network.

Need an extra element for a perfect RDR-themed computer? Then download People of the West, Red Dead Redemption’s official screensaver including images of some characters and in-game quotes. The screensaver is available for both PC and Mac.

Red Dead Redemption fan kit

But if you prefer actual gameplay images and footage, don’t miss the screenshot gallery in the game’s website and be sure to check out the official Red Dead Redemption trailer as well!

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