The Robot that can Lead an 18 Piece Orchestra

The Robot that can Lead an 18 Piece Orchestra

Robots are coming for our jobs! We hear it all the time. We even have a robot that will work out the chances of a robot taking your job. Normally though we’re being told that it is the working class who are most at risk of job loss thanks to robots. No longer is this the case. A new robot designed in Tuscany, Italy has set its sights (even though it doesn’t have any eyes) on the high arts. If you’re an orchestra conductor, you’d best watch out.

YuMi is a humanoid robot that has been taught how to conduct an orchestra by Andrea Columbini, who is the usual conductor of the Lucca orchestra in Northern Tuscany. Columbini moved YuMi’s arms in time with the music and the robot was then able to remember the movements to be reproduced again on cue.

YuMi’s first performance was in Pisa, where the robot conducted the Lucca Philarmonic orchestra and the world famous tenor Andrea Bocelli. Often thought of as a conservative crowd, the concert goers loved it and even the musicians were heaping praise on YuMi’s performance. We really could be seeing a lot more robot conductors in the future.

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