The Softonic Minute: Android, Minecraft Pocket Edition, Google Maps and Windows 7

The Softonic Minute: Android, Minecraft Pocket Edition, Google Maps and Windows 7
Zuzanna Blaszkiewicz

Zuzanna Blaszkiewicz

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avast! finds security issues with Android, Minecraft Pocket Edition gets a huge update, Google Maps lets you map any route, and Windows 7 will no longer get support in 2015. Check out this week’s hottest software news in The Softonic Minute.

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avast! easily recovers user data from wiped Android phones

Security company avast! purchased 20 used Android phones from eBay to see how easily data could be recovered from them. What they found is disturbing. Continue reading…

Minecraft: Pocket Edition receives huge update with infinite worlds and wolves

Developer Mojang has released a massive update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Version 0.90 brings infinite worlds, new blocks, pet wolves, and more. Continue reading…

  • Download Minecraft: Pocket Edition for: Android | iOS

Google Maps measures distances

Google Maps now lets you manually measure distances so that you can calculate irregular routes, even if the roads aren’t recognized in Google Maps. If you don’t have the new Maps feature yet, you’ll have to go to the Labs panel to activate it.

Microsoft abandons Windows 7

The world’s most popular operating system will cease support on January 13, 2015. Windows 7 will continue to receive security and emergency updates, but won’t get any new upgrades or options. It’s clear, Microsoft wants you to switch to Windows 8.1.

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