The Softonic Minute: Facebook, Gmail, Hearthstone and Windows 9

The Softonic Minute: Facebook, Gmail, Hearthstone and Windows 9

Facebook lets you share your trips, Google explains Gmail scanning, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft comes to iPad, and Windows 9 “interactive” live tiles get leaked. Find out this week’s biggest software news in The Softonic Minute (and try to find this week’s hidden Easter egg).

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Share where you’re travelling on Facebook

Facebook’s added a new option that lets you mark when and where you’re planning to travel. Now, your friends can see where you’re going, and give you advice. Continue reading…

Updated Google ToS clarifies automated email scanning

In it’s updated Terms of Service, Google clearly explains that your Gmail is scanned automatically, by software. This is not new behavior: automatic scanning has always been a part of Gmail, as it is with most free email services. Continue reading…

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft now available worldwide for iPad

The popular card game Magic merges with the online game World of Warcraft in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The game is now available worldwide for iPad, following its soft-launch at the start of April in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It’s free to download and play, although there are optional premium features. Continue reading…

New ‘Interactive Live Tiles’ could be coming to Windows

A leaked video shows a potential new feature of Windows 9, with interactive live tiles in the style of Android widgets. If confirmed, the Modern interface will not only show information, but let you interact with it in new ways. Continue reading…

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