The Softonic Minute: Firefox, 2048, Google Maps and Android Wear

The Softonic Minute: Firefox, 2048, Google Maps and Android Wear

Firefox for Windows 8 gets scrapped, 2048 is the latest gaming addiction, Google Maps goes post-apocalyptic, and Google reveals Android Wear. Check out this week’s hottest software news in the Softonic Minute.

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Mozilla cancels Firefox ‘Metro’ for Windows 8

After seeing that only 1000 daily users tested the beta version, Mozilla has decided to abandon plans for its Firefox ‘Metro’ project. Instead, Mozilla will focus on the interface of Firefox Australis, which is also designed for touch screen devices.

2048 creates an addiction

The free game inspired by Threes has seen unprecedented success online. The goal is to reach 2048, but it’s harder than you think, and some interesting clones have started popping up.

Turn Google Street View into a ‘The Last Of Us’ style apocalypse

A Swedish developer has created Urban Jungle Street View, a page that converts Street View into a post-apocalyptic scene reminiscent of The Walking Dead or The Last of Us, complete with overgrown vegetation and all. Check out Urban Jungle Street View here.

Android Wear beats Apple iWatch out the door

Google has created a new operating system for wearable technology, which we’ve already seen in watches that can check the weather, send messages, recognize songs, and more. Motorola, Samsung and LG have already started producing watches with Android Wear.

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