The Softonic Minute: Twitter, Goat Simulator, Office and Minecraft

Softonic Minute 28-03-2014

Twitter wants to be more visual, Goat Simulator gets crazy, Microsoft releases Office for iPad, and Minecraft backs out of Oculus Rift plans. Check out this week’s hottest software news in The Softonic Minute.

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Twitter wants you to share more photos

The social network now lets you post up to four photos in one tweet, as well as tag up to ten friends, without using any of your 140 characters. The update is now available on iOS and will be coming soon to Android.

Watch the Goat Simulator launch trailer

Goat Simulator creators have released a new trailer ahead of its April 1st launch. The trailer uses slow motion reverse footage, parodying the technique used for the reveal trailer of zombie survival game Dead Island. Watch the Goat Simluatlor trailer here.

Office for iPad is free to view, pay to use

Microsoft officially released office for iPad at a press conference this week. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are available on the platform with almost almost full functionality. Office for iPad is paid to use, but Office for iPhone, on the other hand, is now free.

Minecraft for Oculus Rift Cancelled

The popular game of infinite worlds won’t be available on the virtual reality headset. According to Minecraft creator Markus Persson, he was “creeped out” by Facebook’s recent purchase of Oculus Rift.

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