The Softonic Minute: Windows 9, Spotify, SimCity and Adobe

The Softonic Minute: Windows 9, Spotify, SimCity and Adobe

More rumors buzz about Windows 9, Spotify takes a bold step against Beats Music, SimCity is preparing for offline mode, and Adobe updates many products in its Creative Cloud. Check out all of this week’s hottest software news on the Softonic Minute.

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Spotify offers unlimited web streaming ahead of Beats Music release

The Swedish firm is feeling the heat from the impending arrival of Beats Music, and has decided on a different approach to its services: it’s removed playback limits on its desktop and web versions. Now, the biggest difference between the premium plan and the free model is advertising. Download Spotify for Windows and Mac.

SimCity to get offline mode

Until now, users were required to connect to SimCity to play the game. Luckily, its developer Maxis has confirmed the next patch will include offline mode, following a disastrous launch last year. Download SimCity.

Adobe Creative Cloud update brings 3D printing to Photoshop, tightens integration

Photoshop, InDesign and others programs have received many new features. The biggest change is 3D printing and a tool for manipulating perspective. There’s no doubt that Adobe is preparing for 3D printers to hit the general public soon.

Windows 9 to be released April 2015

According to sources close to Microsoft, the new OS will be released in April 2015. The idea is to get Windows Phone and Windows 9 closer to sharing a unified app store. It also hopes to integrate the Xbox One ecosystem and possibly include Cortana, Microsoft’s version of Siri.

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