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The song that united Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

The song that united Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

We all have songs that make us think of someone. And now Bill Gates has shared the song that reminds him of Steve Jobs during an interview on BBC Radio 4´s Desert Island Discs – we recommend that you listen here.

Desert Island Discs began back in 1956 – that’s right its 60 years-old. But, if you don’t know the format, its quite simple: a single guest is asked what eight recording they would take with them if they were stranded on a desert island, and then interviewed about their choices. During Bill Gates’s 28 minutes on the show he began talking about Steve Jobs calling him an “incredible genius”.

In this video we did discover the song that unites them and why, according to Bill Gates.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

While at first these two giants of computing were allied, we know that they later grew apart. Steve Jobs accused Microsoft of being a monopoly, of having no “taste”, and even copying others’ designs with no “original ideas” of their own. In the below video – which summarizes their relationship – there is even a moment when Jobs compares Microsoft to McDonald’s: pure gold.

Still want more of this rivalry? Then have a look at this video that shows the two facing off at the D5 Conference in 2017.

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