The sports fans have it all

Have you heard about Yardbarker? Apparently it’s the sports equivalent to Digg whereas you can post your articles, rate others and come up with relevant news for your favorite team or player. The Internet and web 2.0 are changing the way we interact with the news and this is illustrated via all the exciting sports-related software out there.

If you don’t have cable TV, you can use TVU Player to watch it streaming over internet. This application uses P2P principles to allow users to connect to channels from all over the world. That’s how I got to see some World Cup games last June. I also recommend installing SpyderBar, a customizable ticker, to receive your constant dose of sports news. For all the statistics die hards out there, League Pad is what your looking for. You can download results, standings and team information for football and soccer teams in the States and create whole sorts of statistics out of it. Little league coaches will take a liking to MotionClip!. The best way to use it is to record your team’s game, upload some sequences on your PC and use the application to analyze player movements, reactions and set pieces. At least it’s a cheap and modern way of working on your strategy, like a pro.

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