The Start Menu in Windows 9 will change color

The Start Menu in Windows 9 will change color

More Windows 9 details are emerging. This time it’s the returning Start Menu again, which actually changes color depending on the theme/background you use.

Microsoft’s Windows 9 ‘Threshold’ project not only brings back the Start Menu, one of the most controversial omissions of Windows 8, but now makes it more personal by allowing it to change color. It’s not a huge change, but will make the interface look better. It’s not clear if you’ll be able to choose its color manually.

Windows 9 is not likely to be released before Spring 2015, so all the leaked features we have been seeing, like multiple desktops and a notification center have plenty of time to change before then. It’s too early to judge how successful Windows 9 will be in addressing user feedback about Windows 8.

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