The thing you hate most about Facebook is about to get worse

The thing you hate most about Facebook is about to get worse

Around half a billion people invest 100 million hours watching videos on Facebook every day according to a spokesperson. Naturally, Facebook has sought a way to get some economic benefit out of this figure, but how? Well, more advertising of course!

In fact, Facebook has spent months looking for a way to make money from their videos and it’s even reported that some users have already encountered full-size ads with sound when trying to watch a video.

It is understood that Facebook also plans to create a separate section devoted purely to videos. If that’s the case, it could mean war between the social media giant and our dearly beloved YouTube. Obviously this section would also be filled with ads, just like, well, YouTube.

It’s important to understand that this increase of videos on Facebook is by no means an accident. Facebook has made changes so that now you see a lot more videos instead of the usual various images or links. The company has also added new features such as live transmission to encourage you to upload more videos.

Let’s see how the future holds out!

Source: Business Insider

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