The top three horror games on PC

The top three horror games on PC

This week on Click-Swipe-Play we have three fantastic horror games for you and your friends to freak-out with this Halloween. Our editors’ choices span all the way back to 1992, so get ready to wander down a creepy memory lane that is surrounded on all sides by squeaky swings, children’s screams, and clowns.

I got to pick first, and I settled on the modern classic Outlast (Windows). Playing the role of an investigative journalist, this game is enough to put you off hospitals for life as you delve into the twisted past of a mental care home. Unfortunately, the dilapidated building is not deserted, leaving you to battle its tortured inmates armed only with a camera. Which is all good fun until someone loses a finger.

Dani got the second choice, and he went for 2005’s F.E.A.R (Windows). While this shooter places a focus on action, this in no way waters down its terrifying scares as you fight your way past both people and evil spirits. Making you both the hunter and hunted, F.E.A.R expertly manages its constant switching back-and-forth between action and horror with surprising ease – so that, even in the fiercest gun battle, you may find yourself looking over your shoulder.

Finally, Maria took us all the way back to 1992’s Alone in the Dark (Windows|Mac). One of survival horrors grandfathers, this game had you searching a mention to find the truth behind the murder of Jeremy Hartwook. Arcane, Eldritch horrors await you in this classic of the genre, as you freely explore a mansion, vanquishing its Lovecraftian inhabitants along the way. It may look dated, but its story is as unnerving today as it was when it first released.

That’s it for this weeks show, remember to like or dislike this video to let us know what you thought, and we will be back with another three reviews next week.

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