The ultimate audio streaming app (maybe)

The ultimate audio streaming app (maybe)

A few days before the launch of Beats Music in the United States, Spotify removed the limitations of listening to its web version and allowed free access (albeit with ads) to its whole catalog, indefinitely.

The announcement follows the removal of the same limitations for mobile versions of the application and confirmed Spotify’s conversion to completely free.

Is this drastic measure enough to outshine the Swedish application’s competitors? In fact, nothing could be less certain.

Mobile applications, smart playlists, and prices are becoming more accessible. Every day, rivals compete to pinpoint the next brilliant idea likely to capsize the opposition.

But what features would the ultimate music streaming application have? The one that would make us forget Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, and all the others? I did some research and think I’ve come up with the perfect music platform.

iTunes’ exclusives

What do Bootleg Recordings 1963 from the Beatles and the latest video album from Beyoncé have in common? Anyone? But it’s easy!

Both are available exclusively on the iTunes Store, Apple’s online music store. Offering exclusives is a good way to stand out from streaming platforms and their catalogs which are often sadly similar.

The ubiquity of Spotify

Spotify is available on almost all conceivable platforms. Personally, I use it on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, online… and my TV. It is simply awesome, and so far, unequaled.

Spotify on tablet

Spotify is available on almost all platforms

The proximity of SoundCloud

Few streaming service can boast of offering the same proximity to artists as SoundCloud. Designed for listeners rather than creators, the service allows anyone to subscribe directly to DJs, favorite bands, and singers to receive new songs before they’re released and follow their heart and moods in real time. A small revolution.

The Deezer Catalog

With over 30 million songs, the Deezer disco remains unparalleled among online music services (compared to only 20 million songs on Spotify and Rdio). And, brace yourself, the Deezer catalog even exceeds that of the iTunes Music Store if the latest figures are to be believed!

Deezer catalog

Deezer boasts over 30 million songs and counting

Third-party Spotify applications

Spotify has a growing number of third party applications that provide quality new features. Lyrics, a ticketing platform, or even music reviews. It’s pretty simple, but these small applications increase the capacity tenfold and transform Spotify into a real Swiss Army knife of a platform!

The quality of 22tracks playlists

22tracks is simply stunning. Each week, the best DJs in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, and Paris select 22 new titles in 22 different styles. In addition, it’s free and the selection is great. A level of quality to inspire the competition!

22Tracks DJs

Each week, the 22tracks DJs select 22 new playlists

The sound quality of Sony Music Unlimited

The ideal music streaming service should also have the same sound quality of Sony Music Unilimited. The Sony platform blows away the competition in terms of sound quality with its high-fidelity files (AAC 320kbps). Perfect for enjoying your favorite titles in the best conditions. A must!

The elegance of Rdio

Rdio stands out with its elegant interface, as good online as it is on mobile. The clean application menus are the perfect background for album covers, all enhanced by a clear, refined skin. It’s a lesson in design for all app developers.

The Rdio interface

Rdio has a clear, refined interface

Spotify’s social network integration

I don’t know about you, but the sharing features of Spotify are hard to pass up. The Swedish application is fully integrated with Facebook and lets you comment in real-time on the musical taste (or lack thereof!) of your friends. Let it be said, the perfect music streaming service will most definitely be connected to social networks!

Well, now you know what features I think are essential for the perfect music streaming platform. Are these features also crucial for you? Have I forgotten any? Let us know in the comments!

Which functions do you think are essential for the perfect music streaming app?

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