The ultimate footballware starting XI

The ultimate footballware starting XI

The footballware starting line-upHave you ever imagined that software applications were like football players and it was your job to pick the best team? Actually, no, you probably haven’t. Well, anyway that’s exactly the kind of thing us app fans at OnSoftware are thinking about all the time. One of our colleagues at our Spanish sister site, decided to cast himself in the role of coach of a footballware XI. As assistant coach, I agree with most of Julián’s selection, although I’m a little unsure about the lack of top level experience of our new winger, Google Chrome. Here’s the full starting line-up:


The tactics would be the classic 4-4-2 formation with a diamond in the midfield. There are a lot of quality goalkeepers on the market but the most reliable of the lot has got to be Kaspersky. The big Russian has years of experience of blocking, and usually manages to stop everything.


The back line would be formed of two strong central defender in the shape of Agnitum Outpost Firewall, a secure tool that won’t let any rivals past, and TuneUp Utilities, which can clean up if there are any defensive blunders. Outside of these would be two fast and reliable defenders, in the shape of Argente Registry Cleaner and CCleaner.


In the middle, sitting just in front of the defense, would be GetDataBack. As well as helping to prevent the team losing the ball, it is also great for retrieving balls (where the ‘balls’ are made of data, of course). On the wings, we would have Trackmania Nations, a game noted for its speed and the fact it’s available on a free transfer, along with Google Chrome, the Messi of web browsers – young, fast and with plenty of technical ability. The real brains of the midfield is Scanner, a disk usage analysis tool that would the players functioning well as a team.


In attack we would have to plump fort Pando P2P, which is feared for its pace and effectiveness in finding the goal. Partnering Pando up-front would be our “fox in the box”, Firefox, a versatile forward with the ability to adapt to any situation. I reckon this line-up would destroy any opponent but if you think you can make a better footballware team then let us know.

[Via: OnSoftware Spain]

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