The ultimate hiding place for files?

Floppy DiskIf you’ve got a small file – say a confidential document less than 1.5MB in size – where would you hide it from prying eyes? Most people might put it on an external device and add a lock or code to the folder. However, perhaps the safest place of all is something that harks back to the good-old days of floppy disks. Private Floppy is a small utility that allows you to hide files less than 1.5MB in the boot sector of the disk – somewhere few people are likely to look.

It might sound a bit like something out of a James Bond movie, but it’s a perfect hiding place for highly sensitive data. Private Floppy allows you to view the boot sector – something that you can’t usually do in Windows. Once it’s revealed, you can drag and drop documents into it as you would normally in explorer.

Of course, if you do this, make sure you keep the disk safe and particularly the magnetic strip behind the metal foil. If this gets damaged, Private Floppy will be unable to read the boot sector and your secrets will be lost for good.

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