There’s something seriously impressive about this woman’s abilities

Jia Jia is the name of a new Robot from China, that looks so realistic – it’s scary.

The most impressive characteristic of Jia Jia, is that she is able to hold an actual conversation with humans. She doesn’t just talk – she also has the ability to move her lips (in a frighteningly realistic way), and also change her gaze and make head gestures accordingly.

They didn’t even miss out providing her a sense of humor! For example, if you get a bit close and try to take a picture of her, she’ll tell you not to get too close because her face will look too fat in the photo.

Although her capacity to interact is impressive, she doesn’t yet have the ability to laugh or cry, and she isn’t able to move her hands.

So what do you think? Cute or scary? Take a look at this video to see her in action!

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