These 3 Terrifying Virtual Reality Experiences Will Blow your Mind

Patrick Devaney

As PlayStation VR approaches and surpasses the 1,000,000 units sold mark can we say that Virtual Reality is now mainstream? Well in truth we’d have to say yes and no. As a medium Virtual Reality isn’t going anywhere, it is here to stay and it only going to get more and more popular. It has reached a point where it will not shrink away again like it has done in the past. That being said, mobile phone VR aside, Virtual Reality just hasn’t been experienced by enough people to call it mainstream. It is for too many, only something that they’ve read or heard about and not experienced. Cost of owning your own VR machine is still very much a prohibiting factor.

This is why these 3 terrifying VR experiences that will blow your mind are either lined up for the future or do not require you to have a VR machine at home to experience them.

Lets go through them then in the hope that the medium will be a little bit more accessible by the time the projects that are in development reach completion. In the meantime, however, if you want to get a truly mind blowing VR experience you need to head to…


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