These 3 Terrifying Virtual Reality Experiences Will Blow your Mind

These 3 Virtual Reality Experiences Will Blow your Mind

Alien: Covenant In Utero

As we’ve already seen horror experiences and virtual reality go together really well due to the increased immersion offered by the new medium. Could there be any more exciting news then than the news that Ridley Scott has recently announced the launch of a new in house VR studio called RSA VR and their first project will be based inside the world of Scott’s latest movie in the Alien franchise Alien: Covenant.

These 3 Terrifying Virtual Reality Experiences Will Blow your Mind alien

“RSA Films has launched RSA VR, a new division dedicated exclusively to the creative development and production of VR, AR and mixed media…led by co-founder Ridley Scott whose prolific body of work consistently uses the latest tools of filmmaking in innovative and creative ways.”

Details of the RSA VR’s inaugural project are thin on the ground at the minute but the idea coming up against the xenomorph in virtual reality is terrifying. The galaxy’s apex predator is absolutely terrifying and I wouldn’t be surprised if I find myself in one of those funny GIFs you see on the internet of people going crazy whilst playing VR. You know the ones.

In Utero will be available from the 26th March for Oculus Rift users. It won’t have you pitted against a Xenomorph but the experience will be no less terrifying. In an example of the new frontiers that are available to VR developers In Utero will see you taking on the role of a a baby alien (Neomorph) as it is born.

The trailer below shows just how unsettling this experience could be as you can hear th humans running around and panicking as they realise that something terrible is going to happen.

If you’re after something just as thrilling but with more guns and explosions then you’ll want to try…


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