These 3 Virtual Reality Experiences Will Blow your Mind

These 3 Virtual Reality Experiences Will Blow your Mind


Anybody who is familiar with the First Person Shooter genre will most likely know the Metro franchise from 4A Games. The Metro games see players fighting in a post-apocalyptic nightmare that is rife with mutated monstrosities trying to kill you and they’re widely regarded as some of the best first person shooter games ever made.

It really is exciting news then that 4A Games latest project, due sometime this year, is a VR game coming exclusively Oculus Rift. Arktika.1 takes place only 80 years in the future when global warming has caused much of the planet to freeze over.

As opposed to the murky darkness of the Russian Metro system where much of the action Metro took place Arktika.1 will have much brighter scenarios and will feature high-tec weaponry. The game looks polished and seems to be aiming, in scope at least, beyond what has already been done with virtual reality titles.

The trailer alone is enough to get your blood pumping and this is one title that we’re extremely excited about.

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