These are the best Halloween series and movies to watch for free on Apple TV+

Get pen and paper, because this list is a good one.

These are the best Halloween series and movies to watch for free on Apple TV+
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

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We don’t always talk about Apple TV+, or rather, we don’t talk about the service as much as it deserves. Apple TV+ is very underrated outside of the United States; it is one of the streaming services that is definitely worth it at the moment.


Finally, Halloween has arrived, and we are eager to watch our favorite autumn movies. Netflix and HBO Max might seem like obvious streaming platforms for Halloween content, but Apple TV+ has a bunch of spooky movies and series you can watch this season.

From family-friendly classics to comedies, mysteries, and thrillers, here are 5 of the best movies and series you can watch on Apple TV+ right now, perfect for Halloween.

What to watch on Apple TV+ this Halloween season?


“Wolfwalkers” is an animated adventure and fantasy film that premiered on Apple TV+ late last year and received very positive reviews. Although it is not categorized as a Halloween movie, its characters, themes, and supernatural magical elements make it perfect for the season, and it is one of the best Halloween movies on Apple TV+.

“Wolfwalkers” follows a young hunter named Robyn, whose father sends her on a mission to Ireland to kill the last known pack of evil wolves. However, Robyn unexpectedly meets and saves another girl named Mebh, who is native to the land, and the two quickly become friends.

Robyn’s journey with Mebh teaches her the true nature of wolves, and Robyn faces a difficult choice that goes against everything she believed to be true.

Home Before Dark

This mystery drama series was a hit when it premiered on Apple TV+, and now, with two seasons available for streaming, “Home Before Dark” is a perfect choice for your Halloween watchlist. The story follows a young girl who moves to a town where her father once lived.

But as she learns more about the lake community and its residents, she uncovers an unsolved case that many people in the town, including her father, tried to make disappear.

Mythic Quest

“Mythic Quest” is a workplace comedy about the creators and developers of a popular multiplayer video game set in a medieval fantasy world.

We see the daily struggles and comedic moments among the staff as they work to keep their video game at the number one spot among players, but there is one particular episode on Apple TV+ with an extra layer of fantasy that is perfect for the season.

In the 11th episode of the first season, a standalone episode titled “Everlight,” the characters celebrate a special annual party with a live-action role-playing game and a fun but intense jousting tournament.


“Ghostwriter” is a family mystery series on Apple TV+ with a supernatural premise. A high school student named Ruben struggles to fit in when he moves to an apartment above his grandfather’s bookstore.

It is there that Ruben and his classmates encounter a supernatural being they call the ghostwriter. In each episode, the ghostwriter writes them messages and even sends them spirits of fictional book characters whose stories relate to the struggles the high school students face.


“Servant,” the most terrifying series on this list, is a psychological thriller by M. Night Shyamalan. In the series, a couple is grieving a loss, and the tragedy creates a “rift” in their marriage that allows a supernatural force to enter their home.

We follow the couple as they hire a nanny to take care of their baby, but the audience quickly discovers that there is a mysterious darkness at play. Currently, there are two seasons available on Apple TV+, and a third season is likely to be added next year.

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