These are the biggest announcements from The Game Awards 2023

The Games Awards was a gala packed with announcements of new video games, and here we summarize the most important and juicy ones for you.

These are the biggest announcements from The Game Awards 2023
Álvaro Arbonés

Álvaro Arbonés

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Last night, The Game Awards took place, probably the most important gala in the video game industry. Apart from awarding several games as the best of the year, whose winners we’ve already mentioned, a bunch of games slated for next year and beyond were announced.


It was a fast-paced gala, full of presentations, showcasing games non-stop. With over twenty new games in the lineup, we can now confidently say that 2024 and 2025 have taken shape in the gaming world. Beyond GTAVI. But let’s not beat around the bush. There’s a lot to discuss, and although we’re only going to focus on the best and most spectacular of what was announced, there’s plenty to delve into. Because this year, The Game Awards really went all out.

Pony Island 2: Pony Circus

The first surprise of the night was the new game by Daniel Mullins, creator of Inscryption. A sequel to Pony Island, the disturbing 2016 game that we highly recommend if you’re a fan of horror and the meta-gaming madness of Inscryption, Pony Island 2: Pony Circus promises to be a twist within its creator’s style, this time with a clear oriental flavor in the formula.


The creators of Dead Cells are back at it, doing what they do best: an action-packed roguelite. With a strong emphasis on cooperative mode, a different aesthetic but a similar art direction, and a leap into 3D, it’s a notable change from their previous, incredibly popular game. Additionally, it’s set to enter early access on Steam in 2024.


With music from Muse and presented by Matthew McConaughey comes Exodus, a sci-fi adventure developed by Archetype Entertainment. Playing with how time dilation in space is perceived differently by each person, it’s an RPG with a spectacular visual aspect that promises to delight those anticipating a game with top-notch audiovisual values.

God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla

Those craving more Kratos are in luck. On December 12, God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla arrives in the form of a free update. This new game mode introduces roguelike elements, breathing new life into the game and offering many more hours of combat for those eager to further explore the game’s possibilities.


Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero

Fans of Toriyama’s most famous franchise, rejoice! The Budokai Tenkaichi line returns, this time under the name Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero. Promising next-generation graphics, characters from Dragon Ball Super, and at least in the trailer, a first look at Goku, Vegeta, Broly, Jiren, and Frieza.


Hideo Kojima’s newest project isn’t Death Stranding 2 just yet; instead, it’s an Xbox exclusive game called OD. Featuring actors such as Sophia Lillis, Hunter Schafer, and Udo Kier, with Jordan Peele collaborating on the project, Kojima mentioned it as “something that hasn’t been seen before, a new kind of medium,” thanks to its utilization of Microsoft’s cloud technology. However, since the trailer is only a cinematic, we’ll still have to wait to understand what all this entails.

Marvel’s Blade

From Arkane, the creators of Dishonored and Deathloop, comes the next Marvel game: none other than a game featuring the most famous vampire hunter in current pop culture, the half-vampire Blade. Set in Paris and still in its early stages of development, it will be directed by Dinga Bakaba, the director of Deathloop. The game will be in third person and, in classic Arkane fashion, will be an immersive sim.

Monster Hunter Wilds

To conclude, the big announcement of the night: Capcom revealed that in 2025, they’ll release the new installment of one of their most successful franchises, both in Japan and the West: Monster Hunter. Titled Monster Hunter Wilds, we’ll have to wait until the summer of 2024 for more information about the game. However, the first teaser they showed has left us eager to start sharpening our hunter weapons already.

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