These are the games leaving Game Pass in October

Out of all the video games releasing on October 16th, Trek to Yomi is one of the most interesting proposals you should play beforehand.

These are the games leaving Game Pass in October
Nacho Requena Molina

Nacho Requena Molina

Microsoft has announced the video games that will be leaving Xbox Game Pass during this month of October. As is well-known, the subscription service is regularly updated with new games every month, but this also means that many games eventually leave as time goes on.


According to Xbox’s announcement, the following games will be removed from the catalog on October 16th, giving you approximately two weeks to play them. But which games are these? Here’s the list:

  • Eville
  • The Legend of Tianding
  • Overwhelm
  • Shenzhen I/O
  • Trek to Yomi
  • Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

Among these titles, Eville is a social deduction game where you play as a detective alongside other players; The Legend of Tianding is an adorable platformer; Overwhelm is a challenging platformer with striking pixel art; Shenzhen I/O is an automation title; and Turnip Boy is an adventure game where comedy takes center stage.

The omission of Trek to Yomi was not accidental. Perhaps it is the most striking production among those leaving Xbox Game Pass this October. Although it falls short of the expected quality level from its initial announcement, it remains an intriguing black-and-white samurai adventure, aiming to emulate the style seen in Kurosawa films.

As mentioned, even if the final quality doesn’t meet the expectations, especially in terms of gameplay (although it holds up visually), I still recommend giving it a try. The story lasts barely 5 hours, so you can finish it in a single weekend afternoon before it leaves Xbox Game Pass on October 16th.

Nacho Requena Molina

Nacho Requena Molina

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