These Lego artworks contain coded Bitcoin fortunes

These Lego artworks contain coded Bitcoin fortunes

Modern art is quite strange. As soon as artistic inspiration started coming from within, rather than being “divined” upon artists from the heavens above everything got a bit weird. From embalmed animals to diamond encrusted skulls via public toilet urinals and seemingly random splashes of you could say that modern art is more about meaning than it is about beauty, or perhaps it is both? Well, LA-based artist, Andy Bauch’s latest artistic creations are steeped in meaning asking viewers questions like What is the value of art? or for those not that interested in modern art, how about “What is the value of money?

To ask these questions and more Bauch hast turned to a couple of modern pop-culture stalwarts, Lego and Bitcoin. Everybody loves Lego, and everybody wants Bitcoin, so they’re perfect tools for grabbing people’s attention and asking them some fundamental questions about life.

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With the help of 100,000 Lego bricks Bauch has created some patchwork looking “masterpieces” but the meaning, as is always the case with modern art, goes so much deeper. Into his Lego works of art Bauch has embedded secret codes that, when decrypted, give access to one of a number of digital wallets that he has set up.

Each wallet contains a different amount of varying cryptocurrencies, but all together the wallets add up to $10,000 worth of cryptocurrency.  Start looking for the X because Andy Bauch has basically used Lego bricks to create a 21st Century treasure map that will lead to a 21st Century treasure chest.

The internet is full of stories about people losing the password to their digital wallets meaning there are literally thousands, if not millions of dollars worth of unclaimed cryptocurrency out there. The really cool thing about Bauch’s project is that anybody can crack the code and access the cash stored in the digital wallets. You don’t need to buy the artwork to play the game. Bauch does say, however, that he will give a clue to the particular code hidden in a particular artwork to whoever buys the picture. The catch is that there is no guarantee that the digital wallet hidden in the picture you’ve bought hasn’t been claimed already.

What is worth more to you then? The artwork or the cryptocurrency that might be hidden somewhere inside it?

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