This is the most Advanced Fitness Tracker Ever

This is the most Advanced Fitness Tracker Ever

Wearables and fitness trackers are everywhere these days. People love them and simply wearing them can make you feel like you’re living a healthier lifestyle. The harsh truth of course, is that this is not true. The even harsher truth is that most of the fitness trackers people have now aren’t very good and the data that they provide isn’t very accurate or even, useful.

Step counting, heart rate and sleep patterns are a good starting point but, if you’re serious about your health and your fitness levels you’ll be wanting much more data. This is where the Biostrap comes in. Biostrap aims to provide its users with a more complete picture of their health by providing clinical quality data across the whole of the body’s movements and various metrics.

The developers claim that when you wear Biostrap it feels like you’re visiting the doctor. What is it, though, and how does it work?

Biostrap employs 2 different devices to give you a clear picture of your body and how all types of activity are effecting it. A wrist band and shoe clip allow Biostrap to measure over 29 parameters that then allow it to give accurate readings on the user’s Heart Rate Variability, Oxygen Saturation, Respiratory Rate and much more.

This is the most Advanced Fitness Tracker EverBiostrap doesn’t stop at measuring steps and isn’t limited to what it has been programmed to measure. Out the box it is programmed to measure over 20 different kinds of physical exercise, including activities like squats and kettle bell swings, but is also able to learn how to measure other activities that it isn’t familiar with.

Biostrap costs $249, which is more expensive than other fitness trackers, but it is aiming to be something else all together. With a Biostrap you’ll be able to accurately measure how all types of physical activity are effecting your body and tailor your routines and lifestyle in general based on the same quality data that your doctor would have.

If you’re serious about your health or think you need to get in shape this is one wearable that you should seriously consider investing in.

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