This is What Happened Last Week

This is What Happened Last Week

At Softonic, we hope you know that we’ve got your back. This week we’ve apent our time scouring the internet to keep you all informed of the latest developments regarding your precious smartphone apps. We’ve even put together a little list of the newest features, for some of your favorite apps, that might not even know about yet.

We’ve also come across some really cool stuff this week, so we obviously had to share it with you, and we’ve put together a few ‘how to’ guides so that you can learn a thing or two that might come in handy.

Cool. Cool Cool Cool…

The 13 Oldest Web Pages that are Still Working Today
Let the Wookie Win! Full Colored 3D Holograms not far Away
The best Video Games that only Exist because of Mods
This Cute Malware will Melt our Heart
All the Best Relationship Blog Websites
New Apple Patent Points to Secret Panic Buttons

How to…

How to Spot Fake News on Facebook and other Social Networks
How to Send ALL Types of File on WhatsApp
How to Detect Fake/Scam Emails and Avoid Phishing Attacks (Hi-Res Version)

Apps, Glorious Apps

10 Super Features your Favorite apps have that Nobody Knows About
Are your apps Stealing your Bank Details?
Google Maps’ New Feature will save you Time
This Chrome Extension will Hide the Internet’s Hate
Nintendo still have a way to go with Nintendo Switch Online
If you Love Shopping, you Need these 6 Apps
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