This is Why the YouTube app is Getting an Update

This is Why the YouTube app is Getting an Update

Ok, I’ll admit it, whenever I see someone recording a video in vertical I want to take their phone off them and smash it to pieces. Or at least scream in their faces that they should be recording horizontally. Like it or not though, the vertical video is something that we all have to put up with as it has been forced upon us by the internet. Now even YouTube have surrendered to this horrible truth, as the YouTube app will soon adapt for all vertically recorded videos.

Until now, whenever we’ve watched vertical videos on the YouTube app they’ve either been presented as full screen or very small to fit in with the width of your screen. This will soon change and it’ll be the length of the videos that’ll define how we see them.

Vertical videos might not be perfect but the world is changing and people are consuming more and more content from their smartphones. Screen orientation is not so important on your mobile phone so it makes sense that YouTube are adapting their app to this modern reality.

You can expect to see this change in your YouTube app over the next few weeks.

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