How To See in Real Time if Somebody Has Read Your Email

How To See in Real Time if Somebody Has Read Your Email

MailTag is a free extension for Google Chrome that lets you know in real time if somebody has read your email message. It doesn’t end there; MailTag also lets you know how many times the email has been read. Also, if you’ve included links in the email, you’ll be notified if they’re = clicked.

MailTag also includes a control panel where you can see at a glance how many of the emails you’ve sent are still unread.

The extension is still pretty new, but it has already scored some really positive reviews. One says:

“I love using this extension, I get a little nervous when people do not respond to my emails, so this extension helps me at least to know if they have already read them or not.”

MailTag could prove to be especially useful in the business world, where a response to an email could be the difference between making or breaking a deal.

What do you think of MailTag? Do you think you’ll be checking it out? Let us know in the comments.

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