Game Pass and PS Plus Deliver a Fresh Hit: 2023 Game of the Year Contender Drops Today

"Released today and already a classic"

Game Pass and PS Plus Deliver a Fresh Hit: 2023 Game of the Year Contender Drops Today
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

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Sea of Stars is the upcoming turn-based RPG by Sabotage Studio, the team behind the 2018 indie release, The Messenger. With Sea of Stars, the team aims to explore a different genre and build upon the success of The Messenger.

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As this game aims to reinvent the RPG genre by including thrilling turn-based battles and seamless traversal mechanics that don’t break immersion, Sea of Stars has charted its path to another stellar success for the developer. And it’s achieving it.

Sea of Star History

“The game tells the story of two Children of the Solstice who set out to become Warriors of the Solstice by merging their powers of Sun and Moon to wield an all-powerful force, the Eclipse Magic.

The game includes elements of puzzle-solving and turn-based combat, and players can control up to six characters.

The game draws inspiration from role-playing games like Illusion of Gaia, Breath of Fire, and Chrono Trigger, featuring navigation mechanics, side quests, and combat focused on finding enemies’ ‘elemental weaknesses’.

Interestingly, Sea of Stars is set in the same universe as The Messenger, but thousands of years before the events of the latter game.”

Release and platforms to play

Players interested in exploring this ethereal narrative in Sea of Stars can get the game today, August 29, 2023. The game is available for PC via Steam and for consoles, including PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

To the delight of millions of players, Sea of Stars has been released on both Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation 5’s PS Plus, so many players can enjoy the game today without paying an extra euro.

The press has praised this game, which currently holds an average score of 90 across all platforms. Undoubtedly, a well-deserved and impressive success.

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