Three easy and incredibly useful tricks for Windows 10

Three easy and incredibly useful tricks for Windows 10

Windows 10 is a fairly stable version of Microsoft’s operating system, and thankfully, very easy to use. If you feel you’d like to get more out of it, then follow these three super-easy tips that are sure to make life much easier.

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1) Get Windows Explorer to take you directly to This PC

By default, you may have noticed that the Windows Explorer in the task bar no longer opens This PC (something we’ve gotten used to over the years). It is however, a piece of cake to change.

1- Open Explorer

2- Click View > Options

3- In the General tab, change Open File Explorer to “This PC” and click Apply.


2) Add whatever you want to live tiles in the Start Menu

The live tiles on the Start menu are an extremely handy way of having the programs you use the most in easy reach. You can literally add anything you like, from shortcuts to your computer configuration to various document folders. Here’s how you do it:

1- Open the Window of whatever you wish to add as a live tile.

2- Right-click on its name in the left column and click “Pin to Start

3- If you wish to remove it, simply right-click again and select “Unpin from Start”.


3) Free up disk space easily and quickly

Windows 10 has a function that lets you know what is taking up most of your space, as well as provides you with the option to uninstall it. To review and manage your hard drive, do the following:

1- Go to Setting > System >  Storage

2- Click on the drive you wish to analyze. Once it’s finished doing its job, it will give you a clear indication of everything that is taking up the most space on that drive. If you click on any section you can easily delete files and uninstall applications you no longer need.


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