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Three easy ways to convert web pages to PDF

Elena Santos


how to convert webpages to PDFLast night, while booking a trip online, I was asked to print one of the web vouchers to show at the hotel. Unfortunately, I don’t have a printer at home, so I had to find a quick alternative that enabled me to keep a copy of that voucher for later printing. The solution: convert it to PDF.

Converting a web page to PDF not only lets you save an exact snapshot of the page you’re currently visiting – from top to bottom – but also makes sure the copy you open and print afterward keeps its original format, no matter which platform or software tool you use. After a bit of research, I found three easy ways to convert a web page to a PDF document. Here they are:

  • Use an online application – This is probably the simplest option. Head to HTML PDF Converter and enter the URL of the website you want to convert to PDF. You can then open the PDF right away or save it to your hard drive.
  • Use a Firefox add-on – If you use Firefox, PDF Download may be your best choice: an extension that not only enhances online PDF management, but also enables you to save any webpage as a PDF document.
  • Use a virtual printer – The third option is to install a program (e.g. doPDF, PrimoPDF) that emulates a printer and saves all the documents to send to print as PDF files. It works with web pages and with any other printing-capable app as well.

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