Three radical changes for WhatsApp that are about to change everything

Three radical changes for WhatsApp that are about to change everything

You may have noticed that WhatsApp is constantly evolving. Over the last 6 months, we’ve seen it introduce many new features such as voice calls, improved privacy settings – we’ve even found out that the service is now free to use for all!

If you thought that we’d seen the last of new features being introduced to WhatsApp in 2016, you are very much mistaken. Here are three awesome new features we can expect to see this year, that will change the way we use WhatsApp forever!


What’s it about?

WhatsApp is finally catching up with the times, and will soon be able to compete with the likes of Skype and co. This feature is set to allow you to turn your camera on during WhatsApp calls, making your conversations much more fun and personal with your friends and family.

Why is this change revolutionary?

What does it mean to you if you can already make videocalls on Facebook Messenger and Skype? Well, although it may sound surprising, millions of users from the digital era were not used to making calls on their phones until WhatsApp introduced it. WhatsApp is a hugely influential application, so video calls could be the next big thing, thanks to the Facebook-owned service.

Imagen1Automatic Voicemail

What’s it about?

WhatsApp is planning to introduce an automatic voicemail feature that will be sent to users who are trying to call you when you’re not available.

Why is this change revolutionary?

Answering machines may seem like a thing of the past, but how many times have you gotten yourself into trouble by not responding to a WhatsApp? By putting a personalized message, it might help to soften the blow when it comes to having to reject your contacts!


QR Codes

What’s it about?

This works exactly the same way as Snapchat does, and means that you’ll be able to open conversations with new contacts without having to have their mobile number saved.

Why is this change revolutionary?

Not only will it be 100x easier to add a contact to WhatsApp, but it also decreases the need for mobile numbers! Our address books will be even more full thanks to this little addition!


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