Three ways to share large files online

Share large files onlineLarge files are always a pain to deal with. You need plenty of disk space to store them, big USB devices to carry them around… and what about sharing them online? This is when things can really get difficult, as there’s no easy way to share an oversized file by email or instant messaging. Despite having better Internet connections and empowered mailboxes, it’s still hard to share a file that takes up a few hundred megabytes.

Fortunately a few software authors have also thought about this issue and got down to working in the development of tools to share large files online in an easier way. And after doing some research on the topic, I’ve found three of these tools that can help you share big-sized files effortlessly. Take a look and help yourself:

  • Pando – A popular tool to share files of up to 1 GB in size by email, using a P2P network based on the concept of BitTorrent.
  • AllPeers – A Firefox extension that enables you to share large files from within your favorite browser. The latest version supports BitTorrent downloads as well.
  • PowerFolder –share any folder on a local network or the Internet, with permanent synchronization and no need to have a hosting server
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