Time waster: A highly realistic online golf simulator

Time waster: A highly realistic online golf simulator

Golf is a recurrent topic when it comes to online games, but this is certainly the first time I’ve seen such a perfect reproduction of this sport as an online Flash game. Unlike other minigolf-style games with cartoonish design and fun sound effects, World Golf Tour features highly realistic graphics – with the obvious Flash limitations – that give this game a serious appearance, similar to any other desktop golf simulator.

World Golf Tour

World Golf Tour lets you play a 9-hole game for free, including also a short tutorial that teaches you how to use clubs, aim the shot and control your power. If you want to play a full round though, or have a game with your friends, you need to create a free account on the game’s website. The user account also lets you customize the player and join tournaments.

World Golf Tour is fairly easy to play, even if you have no idea about golf. The game is basically stripped down to choosing the right angle and learning to control swing power. Other than that, you can enjoy a beautifully designed scenery while trying to reach par on each hole. Just make sure you don’t play too much: it’s pretty addictive!

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