Time Waster (for when you’re alone in the dark): Closure

While winter still has some legs, Closure is a fantastic way to while away dark evenings. This browser-based black and white puzzle game cleverly utilizes the movement of light sources to help guide your silent character to the exit of each level. Control is from the keyboard, and the start of the game is a comprehensive tutorial, so you’ll have no problem picking it up. You can only stand on what you can see, so for example if the ground you are on loses its light source, you’ll fall to your doom (and begin the level again).

The hand drawn flickering graphics alongside the spooky sound effects make this a really atmospheric little game. It’s not scary, just spooky, with the light occasionally revealing strange messages scrawled on the background as your stooped protagonist travels silently onward. There are 30 levels to complete, and it’s a nice challenge worth completing. There are very few games with this ethereal and quiet atmosphere, and I highly recommend you waste some of your time getting to know Closure.

Bear in mind you need to have Flash 10 installed to run this, which is available here for Firefox, Safari and Opera users, and here for IE users.

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