Time waster: get in the artistic mood

Time waster: get in the artistic mood

I’m sure you all remember good ol’ Mr. Potato Head from your far-away (maybe not that far) childhood days. Today’s pastime is quite a special version of this popular toy, only this time it comes in a digital web-based format and is inspired by one of the greatest painters of all time, Pablo Picasso.

Mr Picassohead

Mr. Picassohead allows you to unleash your artistic side and create Picasso-style headshots using a handful of abstract shapes you can customize in color, shape and orientation after sticking them onto your digital canvas. You may try to “paint” a self-portrait or simply let inspiration take the reins while randomly choosing shapes.

Once you consider your creation to be finished, you can save it or even email it straight away to your friends. Just make sure you add your signature in case they have trouble in identifying the author of such an impressive piece of art!

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