Time waster: help this cute blob find his way home

Time waster: help this cute blob find his way home

Time waster: BlobularWouldn’t you help a cute, adorable creature if you could? I definitely would, and I guess this is why I couldn’t resist playing – and eventually getting hooked on – Blobular.

This colorful game presents you with an innocent blob who’s stranded out there in the world and who you must help to go back home in Blobsville. In order to do so, you have to go through a series of levels and collect a certain number of items on each one of them. But that’s not all: you’ll have to avoid any enemies you stumble upon and also run against the clock, as there’s a time limit to complete each level.

However, the most original feature in Blobular is the way you control the character: you actually don’t move it around the scenery, but rather move the scenery to make your blob go from one place to the other thanks to the help of physics and the unavoidable law of gravity.

Time waster: Blobular

While this way of moving may feel a bit confusing at the beginning, you’ll soon get the hang of it. Just remember that the more items you collect, the bigger your blob will grow, which means that eventually you won’t be able to go through certain places. Luckily your blob can be split into several smaller ones, so that you can get the job done just in time.

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