Time waster: How much do you know about Geography?

Geography was a hard nut to crack for me when I was at school. I had lots of trouble to memorize all those capital cities, monuments and famous places all over the world, together with their correspondent location on a map. I’m sure everything would have been much easier if I had known this game back then!

How much do you know about Geography?

The Traveler IQ Challenge tests your general knowledge of Geography by challenging you to place world capital cities and famous landmarks on a world map. The game starts off with really easy spots but it becomes increasingly difficult as you progress through the game. Plus you need to be quick, as the final score is not only based on how near the actual location is from your mark, but also on how fast you clicked on the map.

The good thing about Traveler IQ Challenge is that it can be customized to play with certain world areas only (Europe, America, Asia, Oceania, etc.), with special locations (UNESCO World Heritage sites) or even with other elements such as country flags or geotagged images that you must locate on the map.

How much do you know about Geography?

Want to give it a try? Head over to the Traveler IQ Challenge website and check how much you know about our planet! By the way, I’m glad to announce I reached level 8. My Geography teacher at school would be proud of me.

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