Time waster: Program your own robot

Time waster: Program your own robot

When I was a kid I used to dream of creating my own robot, a kind of personal assistant that I could use to do some small errands for me or play with me for a while. Today I found an fun online game that can contribute to make that dream com true: Light Bot.

Light bot: Program your own robot

Light Bot is a cute animated robot that can be programmed to do whatever you want. Well, in fact you must program it to accomplish a mission: lighting up all the blue cells on each level. Programming Light Bot is very easy: you have a bunch of available commands, including movements and actions, with which have to create a sequence so that the little cute robot moves to the blue cells and lights them up. Voilà, level completed!

Sounds easy, huh? The difficult part comes when the level layout involves so many movements and actions that they don’t fit in one single sequence. Then it’s time to start using secondary function sequences, and try to find the shortest, most optimized way to solve it.

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