Time waster: save the golden idol from destruction

Time waster: save the golden idol from destruction

Have you ever played Jenga? It’s a challenging puzzle where you have to remove wooden blocks from a tower without making it fall into pieces. Totem Destroyer is based on the same principle, only that this time you play it with your mouse instead of wooden pieces.

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Your aim in Totem Destroyer consists on bringing a little golden idol down to ground level by destroying the blocks underneath. There are three kinds of blocks: brown, green and black. The brown ones are the standard blocks, the green ones are a bit bouncier and more slippery, and the black ones are the only blocks that can’t be destroyed.

You’ll notice that the first few levels in Totem Destroyer are quite easy to complete, but wait until you reach further in the game and you’ll find yourself planning strategies to make that darn idol reach ground in a safe way.

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