Time waster: TypeRacer, a racing game for fast typers

Time waster: TypeRacer, a racing game for fast typers

Most online games are basic pastimes designed to keep you entertained for a short period of time. However some of them stand out for their graphics, their playability or because they offer something more than just plain entertainment.

This is the case of TypeRacer, a surprisingly addictive racing game in which you not only have fun competing against other players, but also practice your typing and learn interesting quotes from famous books and movies.

Time waster: TypeRacer

TypeRacer doesn’t require registration – only the nickname you want to use. The aim, as in every other race, is to arrive first to the finish line and the trick to do it is typing the given text faster and more accurately than the other players.

TypeRacer features a training mode to practice and two gaming modes: race against random opponents and race against friends, with support for chat. It also keeps track of your stats (number of races completed and average speed) and can be played from Orkut, Hi5 and MySpace.

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