Timewaster: Bunnies Of Fury 2


The early build of Bunnies Of Fury 2 currently features neither Fury nor Bunnies, but is absolutely fantastic. You need the Unity plugin for your browser, then you’ll be left to your own devices in a 3D rainbow world of blocks. You have two weapons, toggled with the Q key, otherwise the controls are a pretty standard First Person mouse/keyboard setup. F1 puts the full controls on screen.

For a few seconds, you might not get Bunnies Of Fury 2. Press Q, and shoot down with the left mouse button, and you’ll quickly understand! This is abstract sandbox gameplay at its best – big, free and dramatic. It’s completely aimless, but excellent fun. You can either build your own constructions, or mine your own caves, or both. It’s very hard to know when to stop!

[via bytejacker]

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