Timewaster: Sushi Cat

As any cat lover will know, there’s nothing cats like more than being dropped into a basket while eating Sushi. And cats like reggae more than any other music genre, which makes Sushi Cat more of a simulation than anything else.

Sushi Cat is a strangely pleasing game, with a row of baskets at the bottom, which you drop cats into. The cats will fall and bounce through obstacles on their way to the baskets below, getting fatter as they eat sushi!. It’s a little bit tactical, as you need to feed your cats enough sushi before you run out of cats to drop. Getting high score baskets can be tricky too.

The cute, well animated graphics make Sushi Cat look really cool, and the levels get better and more inventive as you progress. You could waste a lot of time on this game… As usual, it requires the Flash plug-in and is playable from your browser.

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