Tinder tells us which jobs get the most right swipes

What happens when the world’s biggest dating app releases a ranking of the most successful professions?

Well, not much to be honest. But it’s always curious to learn which jobs most people are swiping right for, right?

Most popular female job rankings according to Tinder:

1. Physiotherapist

2. Interior Designer

3. Founder/Entrepreneur

4. PR/Communications

5. Teacher

6. Student

7. Speech Language Pathologist

8. Pharmacist

9. Social Media Manager

10. Model

11. Dental Hygienist

12. Nurse

13. Flight Attendant

14. Personal Trainer

15. Real Estate Agent

Most popular male job rankings according to Tinder:

1. Pilot

2. Founder/Entrepreneur

3. Fireman

4. Doctor

5. TV/Radio Presenter

6. Teacher

7. Engineer

8. Model

9. Paramedic

10. Student

11. Lawyer

12. Personal Trainer

13. Financial Advisor

14 . Police Officer

15. Military

Did your profession make the list? Are there any others you feel they missed?

Source: Buzzfeed

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