Tinnitus ‘cure’ is music to our ears

earphone.jpgComputers often get a bad press when it comes to health. How often are we subjected to health and safety rants about the dangers of impaired vision or repetitive strain injury that PCs can cause? While this may be true in certain cases, it’s always refreshing to see developers coming up with solutions that can actually improve your health. We recently came across an ingenious application designed to alleviate the common, yet serious problem of tinnitus, called TinnitusTamerWin.

If you experience regular ringing in your ears (and it’s nothing to do with your boss pestering you on the phone) then it could be due to this aural defect, often caused by exposure to loud noises. TinnitusTramer helps to ease, or even eliminate, the problem by producing sequences of special tones and silent periods to retrain the neural networks in the auditory system of the brain to weaken the feedback loop that produces the ailment. The program is one of a large number within our Health section that can help you educate yourself about staying fit and take positive steps towards overcoming health problems.

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