Tips and tools to help you with the elements

Periodic TableThe Periodic Table was probably one of the scariest things I ever dealt with at school. I couldn’t remember my Na’s from my Fr’s which lead to some experiments that went horribly wrong in the classroom.

If some of this software had been around at the time, I may not have blown up so many Bunsen burners. For straightforward learning of the table, you can’t do much better than Periodic Table which includes an image for each element and even the history of who discovered it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include a test though but once you’ve learned them properly, you can use ProKon to see how well you’ve absorbed them.

Want to know how the different elements react under different conditions? EniG. Periodic Table of Elements is great for seeing how they perform depending on the temperature they are subjected to. If you’re a professional scientists or studying advanced science, then you’ll appreciate something a bit more substantial like Integral Scientist Periodic Table. This fully comprehensive table has information based on all kind of variables and can be searched by Periodic symbol or element number. Finally, if you have to perform complex equations with the elements, then PL Table has a powerful chemical equation balancer which ensures that you don’t combine any dangerous elements in the lab.

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