Tips and tricks to manage your links

Link LogoHyperlinks have become one of the most important way of sharing information in the world whether it’s a link taking you to a business presentation or simply sharing photos with family and friends. Did you know though that there are tools and utilities that can help you use links more efficiently such as the ability to check for dead links before you click on them and manage them more effectively in your bookmarks folder and website?

One of the worst aspect of running a website or blog is that the links you post on it quite often go out of date. That’s why it’s a good idea to use Xenu’s Link Sleuth which trawls through them and checks them for validity. The same thing goes for your favourites folder with Link200 which goes through them one-by-one and works out which ones are dead. Unfortunately, it only works with the Internet Explorer browser at the moment though. If you’re looking for stats on your links, how many times you’ve clicked on them or want to organise them by category etc, then Link Ripper tracks several types of statistics related to them.

What do you do when want to read multiple links on the same page? Clicking on them one by one is a long drawn-out way of going about it so try using Snap Link which allows you to drag a box over the links you want to check and open them all at once. While on the web theme, do you know how search engine optimised the links for your website are? If not, LinkFreeze allows you to do so by substituting un-optimised characters in your links with something more search friendly and static. After you’ve used it, try Mozzle Link Popularity to see how effective it’s been.

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