Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Croker makes an interesting alternative to pokerSymbian: If you like Poker but can’t quite pull the right face at the right moment perhaps you should be looking for a similar yet slightly simpler card game. And that card game could be Croker. Instead of numbers in Croker you play with pictures – frogs, pigs, dice and baskets of fruit. It’s the way the French play, apparently.

HedgewarsWindows: Are you a big fan of Worms and The Lemmings? If so, you’ll like Hedgewars 0.9.6 which is a similar type of game, except this time with hedgehogs. The graphics are cute and colorful and the sound effects are fun. You move around the characters with your cursor keys, your aim being to kill the other hedgehogs by using the whole arsenal of weapons at your disposal.

UnisonMac: Newsgroups are an excellent source of posts and quality downloads. One of the best Usenet newsreaders for Mac has clearly got to be Unison 1.8.1. It boasts a great download manager, simple setup and an advanced file organization, so that you’ll find anything quickly, even if you have a lot of downloads to deal with.

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